Live Music – The Humbuckin Pickups

27 Jan 2023 Fri

The Humbuckin’ Pickups are bringing their “Roots Drenched Folk” sound to venues all across Australia in 2023 to support their newly released third album “Just Like Winter”.
“Their passion is palpable as country rock rhythms infuse with soulful melodies and sweet harmonies.” – ABC Radio Melbourne
“There are few things in life as joyous as watching the Humbuckin’ Pickups performing live. Their enjoyment of playing is palpable, and contagious. If you are presented with the opportunity, do not hesitate to experience the magic.”
David Miller – The Dotted Line 3mdr
“The band has been a revelation for me, with the writing extraordinarily gifted… leaving us on the edge of our seats waiting for the full narrative to be revealed.” – Listening Through The Lens
$5 cover charge