Live Music Weekend

29 Mar 2019 Fri
Ben Whiting at the Delatite Hotel

It’s another live music weekend at the Delatite Hotel in Mansfield with TWO awesome performers.

Friday – Ben Whiting – 7pm

Saturday – Richard Perso – 7pm


Ben Whiting is genuinely stumped about what he would be doing, if not music. He is what happens when a 90’s kid puts The Police and Bob Marley on high rotation, sits in a beanbag in an old aircraft hanger to watch his extended family play regular jam nights, and is then mentored in playing and touring from age 13.

Those early influences have guided and continue to teach him, and the result is a gifted singer-songwriter comfortable with using a broad palette of inspiration to create a sound that is wholly his own.

Ben Whiting at the Delatite Hotel

Richard is a favourite at the Delatite Hotel and we’re really excited to welcome him back again.  Perso has an enviable record brought about by his unique sound. Combining the one of the worlds oldest instruments, the didgeridoo with a diverse range of influences to develop a individual repertoire unmatched in today’s scene. Didgeridoos, acoustic guitars combining electric overdrive, kick drum tambourine and vocals to rumble the stage with influences covering folk, blues, roots and right through to rock it is a case of hang on for the ride where ever it may take you.  This one man excitement machine, Richard Perso will continue to develop his delivery blending multiple genres fused into a folky rocking roots and blues. 

Richard Perso at the Delatite Hotel