Playreading – MMuDs

26 Sep 2016 Mon

Welcome to Television

Following a very successful rehearsed reading of Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” in August, the MMuDS playreading group will turn to something lighter for their September meeting.

“Beggar my Neighbour” is a three-act British comedy set at the dawn of the television era.

All over the country, television aerials are bursting out of the roof, and this witty, genial play follows the aerial lead down into the house and finds out what happens when television arrives in the home.

When Mr Pedelty receives a television set as a retirement present he enjoys all the attention from his neighbours, but soon the attraction wears off. He sells it to a young couple living in the flat above him but they soon encounter the same problems.  Again and again the set is passed on to different characters, each of them in turn financially ruined and mentally distressed by the consequences of owning a television set.

First performed in 1953, the play was written by Arthur Ridley. He had a long career as a playwright and actor, and is best known for his role as Private Godfrey in the television series “Dad’s Army”.  With some juicy parts for actors, the comedy is an amusing light-hearted affair and excellent entertainment.

MMuDS Play reading is very informal and loads of fun. No booking or registration is required… just turn up! For more information phone Janet Mackenzie 5775 2988.