Pony Express is Back

07 Aug 2020 Fri
delatite hotel menu

We’re back – Tolmie we’re coming for you tomorrow!
We’ve hitched up the horse trailer again to grab the pony out of the top paddock and we’ll be heading to Tolmie on Friday night.
Our Take Away menu is being tweaked RIGHT NOW and will be live on the webpage by the end of the day.
Remember the drill?
1. Download our menu from www.thedelatitehotel.com.au/keepintouch
2. Choose your dinner and give us a call 5775 2004. Remember that you can call us any time from 10.30am and we’ll take your order.
3. Dinner will arrive at our pick up point at the designated time (still to be confirmed)
4. Safe pick up – you won’t even leave your car – and then head home to enjoy your dinner.
It’s easy
It’s stress free
We’re starting with Tolmie and then confirming our other locations over the next few days.
Hands up if you want us to come your way!