Richard Perso

09 Jul 2016 Sat

Have now played 160 festivals at the tender age of just 24, Richard Perso has an enviable record brought about by his unique sound.

Combining the one of the worlds oldest instruments, the didgeridoo with a diverse range of influences to develop a individual repertoire unmatched in today’s scene. Didgeridoos, acoustic guitars combining electric overdrive, kick drum tambourine and vocals to rumble the stage with influences covering folk, blues, roots and right through to rock it is a case of hang on for the ride where ever it may take you.

The one man excitement machine, Richard Perso will continue to develop his delivery blending multiple genres fused into a folky rocking roots and blues. A third album is on progression – his hottest music yet.

Come along on Saturday night – you really don’t want to miss this one.

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